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ubix roofing in place above scaffolding and covering rooftop

Scaffold Hire in South Yorkshire

As South Yorkshire's premier scaffold hire company, Finningley Scaffolding Ltd have the equipment, experience and know how to undertake a wide range of scaffolding jobs on a wide variety of buildings, bridges, tower blocks, etc.

There are a variety of health and safety regulations in place to help safeguard those working at height, and of course to protect members of the public. Our scaffolding erectors are fully trained and highly competent and work to all current UK and European safety standards.

We understand the responsibility we have as a scaffolding hire company, and as such, we ensure that all our scaffolding, including fittings and boards and netting where necessary is fully functional and in compliance with the relevant guidelines.

Finningley Scaffolding Ltd carry full public liability insurance, are CHAS accredited and trained to CITB standards; we aim to provide a safe and reliable scaffolding hire service, with competitive scaffold hire prices. To hire scaffold in South Yorkshire, contact us on 01302 860154.

Features of Ubix Temporary Roofing:

  • Fully modular Ubix roofing system in a range of sizes and will fit any project
  • Minimal number of parts which are simple and quick to assemble
  • All parts clip together without the use of bolts
  • It is lightweight so can be erected in situ or at height without the need of a crane
  • Cost effective solution for a range of span widths
  • Compact ridge beam, allows a tailored roof profile and reduces the scaffold mass.
  • Keep working on projects in adverse weather conditions, therefore no down time, reducing costs.

"We never over promise and under deliver"

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UBIX Temporary Roofing Hire

Do you need urgent roof repairs, or need to remove an existing roof and protect the building below from the elements? Then look no further as Finningley Scaffolding Ltd specialise in the installation of Ubix Roofing Systems, an innovative temporary roof scaffold designed to protect people and property from the elements. Ubix roofing is a proven product that has been used across the UK for the past 12 years.

We believe the Ubix roofing system is the first choice in temporary roofing as it is quickly assembled on site with very few components. It is able to span buildings from 6m to 36m and ensures work can continue in the most adverse weather conditions, saving both time and money.

Contact Finningley Scaffolding Ltd and we will make a site visit, provide competitive Ubix hire prices and produce accurate design plans for your UBIX roofing system. For a free site visit and Ubix roofing or scaffolding price quotation, give us a call today on 01302 860154, or simply email us and we will reply as soon as we can.

ubix roofing in place above scaffolding and covering rooftop

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